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...For those who had, will be added
Interview with: Rev.Peter Tjondro
Taken From: Mission News
web by: Eddy Sriyanto

This is the interview with Mr.Peter Tjondro on the June 29th ,2005 at 9.30 p.m

What do you mean about chairos for the nation's transformation, Sir ?
Actually, the chairos that I meant is for me. This year is the chairos year for me, personally. Not for the nation's transformation. Particularly for MissionCare because after passing several tests, I feel that the burdens of MissionCare has already stucked. Suddenly, I caught the God's heart about Aceh. That was the way of God to tast in the latest before the chairos. We are talking about Luke 19 : 11 - 27, that talking about 3 things of the chairos through Mina's tales. When we looked at the blessings rightly so will findthe chairos. Chairos or God's time. Mr.Zig Ziglar talked about the preparation meets the opportunity. The opportunity is the chairos. The preparation is that I told is about Mina has 3 things, when we looked at the blessings rightly, our attitude is to give thanks, becoming the first step that the chairos will come. The first thing, that the blessings must to be thankful. When we cannot to thankful for our blessings yet, we enjoy our blessings today. In our entirely lackness, we decide to thank for what God give. The chairos will never comes -up. For example, that miana. Ten persons who were given the same mina but only one person worked hard because he was thankful for that mina. The second, the blessing is the responsibility.

What responsibility do you mean, Sir?
First, is to thankfull and after he did that because of the responsibility. When we were blessed by God that means responsibility. How much our blessing that becoming our responsibility. Mr. Kohn Maxwell told that someone's gratefulness to be analyzed by his responsibilities not by his big or small occupation, not seen by his richness or poorness but from his responsibilities. Even when you become 'the less blessed' person but you responsibled for that 'little blessing', for God you have 'the potency' to become 'a great person'. So, when one mina produced ten, what did God say, now you will lead ten cities.

God gave 10 gifts because we received it as the responsibilities so the blessing will be added by God. In Luke 19:26, that is the climax of the word 'chairos', for who is having I will give, I will add to. It means, that who had the responsibilities, who had thankfulness. For the example, I had experience. I had ever given the exdresses, I thankful for that. Never mind, the important thing those were not torn, even if I could bought, those were I wore. But, actualy the person who had gave felt happy that the things matched for me. After that, he bought for me again and again, for that I was thankful.

And the third, is faithfulness. Actually ,the mina is the tst. God said, very good my servant because you have already being faithful in the small matter, now I will give you the big responsibility, so for God when is the chairos, is when we are faithful. David was being tested by God with watching over two and three sheep but he fought with the lion and the bear as his responsibilities.

So, actually the chairos is not being realized only as the God's time but there is a preparation?
Yes, that was just mentioned, God will not give His time before ready. So that, when Jesus met His time before ready. So that, when Jesus met His mother in the wedding at Cana, He told, "Mother, my time is not ready", but what that Mary (Jesus' mother) did, she ordered the staff: "Please, for what He command for, do it." God knows His time, that Mary just preparing, waiting, not being apathetic but active. (The Cana's wedding is the wedding where in that occassion Jesus did the miracle by changed the water to be wine).

As far, in that situation Mary knew what will be happened or just followed what Jesus said?
Surely, because God was not said 'no'. Just only 'My time is not ready'. And God knew Mary's heart. God will not allow the temptation over the human strength. These principles of the Bible that are very important. So, for me, when God ordered me to build a hospital in Aceh. God want to test me. When I took in charge of that, evidently for today, many of foreigner's institutions begin to involve.

How much the fund at Mr.Peter to build that hospital?
For that time, was twenty million rupiah

Actually, is that enough to build?
Is very very not enough, but I tried to catch from the humanity side. How pity they are! We struggled for them.

Is that also the responsibility that you have already mentioned, Sir?

Crrectly, and I had 'SMS' to my friends and finally, we go

In the beginning, you told that MissionCare has already stucked, do you want to mention it?
Yes, the word of 'has already stucked' meant like this, that I saw in this term MissionCare was running normally, there's no 'jump'. I want there is 'ajumping'. For this time, only maintenance. I'm not a person of maintenance, I'm a type of person who want to build, to breakthrough. If, I could not to maintain, must be somebody else. I open a 'PI Post' (the evangelism field), it's O.K. for me, but don't let me be a pastor. So ,it's the time for me, but we don't know about God's time.

After Aceh, is there anything else to be done as a responsibility?
Aceh become chairos' point and that chairos' point evidently not only for MissionCare but also for MissionCare Solo, that is for two years was stopped because have no money. Evidently, Aceh took a courage. And until now, still running. Aceh's project is an international's experience for me. People begin to trust me because can handle project in Aceh very well. This 2005 year, it mean there is ten years more as my responsibilities to 2015. So, when I begin to bring about WorldCare, everywhere people caught that matched with transformation. All of the people became knowing what is transformation, all the people also became confused how to begin a transformation. That always announcing is praying. So, evidently when transformation comes up, people hear about my ministries. For along time, not to be publicated.I'm also not being publicated with my projects. I enjoyed my projects because I had money with that and I didn't want to be confuse with any of national projects but 'have no money'. Suddently, people begin to respond. That's the chairos. The transformation must begun with a movement.....Aceh's movement, for me, Aceh is a momentum that changes everything, if God opened Aceh so that 'the Good News' can be preached like that. It means God's time for us to transform all things.

But in one side, besides Aceh now appeared other disasters like hunger-oedema etc?

Exactly, now if people faced the disaster, people just questioning. Thus, seem that the barometer is MissionCare. I didn't want to do the works that obviously God didn't order. Because there are 'other parts of body'.

Now, Worldcare need the fund, the hospital in Aceh need the fund also, other activities in Missioncare always need funds, how to make all things can survive even more staffs to be involved? From where to begin?

That is, begin from the chairos, once again, if God opened, there's no others that can close. People begin to see this project, what's that, so people begin to see from that . For me, is not the way to get money. But when our project being evaluated by other people as successful, people will trust with our lives so idealism will be formed. But before we can win our lives. That you who had the idealism will be judged by other people. Actually, the chairos is in every men. But only the man is ready or not.

The second, have the faith or not for the chairos will come in his life. Since formerly,with what in Solo, I encouraged myself. I told as I felt I have already the blessing, but only not the time to connect. And like yesterday, two hundreds people gathered, only by SMS, I brought the presentation and many of the people want to help, many of them want to involve. God' time begin to come. (In the afternoon, mr.Peter Tjondro has just arrived from Solo by flight, and just had the meeting with the members and the relation of Missioncare in Bangsri village, Karanganyar, Solo-red).

2015 still ten years ahead. For this time, many people that felt 'apathetic' with anything that seem more 'ahead'. Many of them only thought of 'what in front of their eyes'. How about your opinion about this matter. Life will end when we stop dreaming. We are going into the ending-level. For me, the year of 2015 is the motivator to do anything that God gives me today. So, the life will end when you stop to dream. For me, the year of 2015 is in front of my eyes.

Sir, you had a dream that in the year of 2015, Indonesia will be prosper. How to move the people to become synergy, maybe the pastors or the public-figures together in the direction of the transformation?

When people had seen to a small transformation. For the example, mina. From one mina became ten. The master trusted that the servant would able to lead ten cities. Don't ever think that you will get 'big success' if you never got 'small success'. Your smallest responsibility, is to be faithful to small case, to be thankful with the small thing is very important because how much God gave the responsibilities depend on your attitudes to the small. Small is the easiest


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